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Jun 19th 2013, 22:20

Fashion folk are a curious bunch, and we’ve found that they tend to collect equally curious things. In our new Take Five feature, we get the lowdown on our favorite industry personalities’ most treasured trinkets.

Pamela Love's Five Favorite Arrows

Arrows are a recurring motif in jewelry designer Pamela Love‘s work (evidence: the pendant on her new silver necklace that depicts a hand grasping three of them, and the pair of crystal arrows she crafted for a recent CFDA/Swarovski project). But for Love, the pointy projectiles aren’t just design elements—they’re tangible symbols that she’s treasured since before she can remember. “I’m not really sure why I gravitate to them,” said Love, who recalls digging arrowheads out of the ground as a child. “I love how they’re so strong and so delicate, and how they can mean so many different things. And I love what a beautiful shape they are,” she added. For those not in the know, Love explains that “two arrows crossing means peace and friendship, two arrows running parallel means war, and an arrow piercing a heart means love.”

Over the years, Love has amassed quite the collection of arrowheads, arrow trinkets, arrow tattoos (of which she has four), and actual arrows. “I have about twenty of those,” she said. “I don’t get too crazy.” Here, the designer discusses her five favorite arrow mementos with

—Katharine K. Zarrella

1. These are actual arrows. I can’t even remember where I got them—I pick up arrows in antique stores when I travel to the Southwest. These are two of my prettiest ones.

2. This is an antique Navajo ring that I got about ten years ago in New Mexico, during a road trip. It’s so tiny. I can only wear it on my pinkie. It has the two arrows crossing, which means peace and friendship, so it’s a really nice reminder. I used to wear it all the time, but I’m afraid I’m going to lose it—it’s very easy to lose a pinkie ring—so now it’s on display in my apartment.

3. This is a bundle of decorative brass arrows that I got about two months ago from my friend’s store The Hunt, on the Lower East Side. It’s a store that sells weird antique oddities. Again, it’s the arrows crossing, and I bought it from my friend, so I thought that was really special. It sits next to my bed.

4. This is a necklace by Aurélie Bidermann. I’m a really big fan of her work, and I just thought it was one of the most beautiful arrow pieces I had ever seen, and I had to have it. I bought it about two years ago, and I keep it on display in my apartment. The way it’s carved is so beautiful, so for me, it’s more of an object than a piece of jewelry.

5. This is a little copper box that has arrow detailing on the top. I keep it in my studio, next to my desk. One of my best girlfriends gave it to me with a present inside, but I actually liked the box better.

Photos: George Chinsee

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